#stylewithjeront in Paris, France


If you can dream, you could make it happen. Years ago I was just dreaming about going to Europe to experience the difference of European culture and  visit the top tourist spots. Who would’ve thought that it’s going to happen? I used to have weird dreams like I was walking in the airport, waiting for […]

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#stylewithjeront is back!


It is really good to be back. After an almost two-year hiatus from writing my blog, here I am again creating a non-sense post for y’all. I miss the noise of the keyboard when I am typing/writing a new blog post. It has been a roller coaster ride for my blog. There have been great […]

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#STYLEWITHJERONT meets David Guison for AyosDitoPH Challenge

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(Team David, sellers) This post should’ve been posted 2 weeks ago but I had no time, I was working smart not working hard. (DAMING KUDA! Haha!) Anyways, I had a chance to meet David Guison because of AyosDitoPH, thank you very much. And not only that I was part of the Fashion Show as David’s […]

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ZALORA – Men’s T-Shirts & BIG SALE (Online Fever)


We all know that Philippines is a T-Shirt Country, agree? Why? It’s so hot in here and you’d probably go outside with just a T-Shirt on right? It is so comfortable when you are just wearing a T-Shirt. But when stylish people invade the Philippines T-Shirt is just not an ordinary shirt. Some would put […]

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Bloggers United 8 x OLX

Bloggers United is back, and on it’s 8th year, we’re leveling it up! Come join us and find not just our pre-loved clothes but also items like gadgets and other unique finds! Just like in OLX where you can find unused items that are still functional. You can also find a lot of pre-loved stuff, which […]

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